It is not a five star stay. It is not compliments and it is never ever flattery. It is fact. It is tough, can be hard
and it is definitely not diamonds.
It is solid. It is not sweet but always nutritious, always herb. always salt. Sometimes grit.
It is now and till the end. It is never a slither, never a little
it is a full serving
it is much…too much and real
never pretty or clean. It stinks, you can smell it coming, it is weight…it is weight and it is too heavy to feel good sometimes
…it is discomfort, it is not what the films say. Only songs
get it right
it is irregular
it is difficult
and always, always

Yrsa Daley-Ward

'what love isn't'

Yrsa Daley-Ward, ‘bone.’

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Your brother shuffles in his seat looking uncomfortable when you say, “what if someone were to do that to me,” and mumbles, “I’d fuck them up. You know I’d fuck them up.”
He cannot look you in the eye today.
It’s the one time in twenty something years that you don’t instinctively feel the need to make him feel better about himself
or lament the plight of mixed up black boys from broken homes
or consider the flawed system
it’s the one time in twenty something years
that he’s more the culprit
much less the victim
so you clear your throat (purposefully)
and say,“That’s inexcusable and one corner I wont stand in to fight for you
so you’d better talk. Now.”
So you sit down to talk
and he cries, mostly.

'on hearing he hit his girlfriend'

Yrsa Daley-Ward, ‘bone.’

now available at

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The problem with Iggy Azalea lies not merely with her but with blacks such as T.I who are complicit in her reckless cultural appropriation. People such as T.I incidentally recognise racism and racist systems only when they as black males are targets of said systems, but fail to recognise all the ways in which they directly contribute to further upholding systems designed to oppress and contain blacks. I have little time for any of them.